The Solemnization & Reception : Bruno + Elza


Although we came from a different father, our mother kept us close, our family is a tight unit that depends on each other very much, we cant seemly seek advice, comforts, company and gossips. We secretly loved each other so much. I cant imagine being in family other than ours. It can be crazy and daunting sometimes, but nothing or no one could tare us apart

— Threza ( Elza's sister)

Animation by The V

Shoot by Ramzul, Aizat, Afifi & Dhan

Lighting by Sadiq Syibli.

Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Same-day-edit (SDE) video combination of Solemnization & Reception for their Reception in Bali could be viewed here;

VideographyThe VComment